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[2006.12.06] Munhwa Ilbo article

Korean artist 靜中動 was awarded to British art world.

2006 Korea-Korea Mutual Visit to Korea, Cultural Daily, 'Steel Dynamics' Exhibition.

A country where young contemporary artists are prominent,

Young artists from Korea gathered in the UK.

Still Dynamic, a showcase of works by Korean artists working in the UK, to London's contemporary art scene, will take place from July 13th to 21st in London's Georget Spaces. This year's exhibition is sponsored by the Cultural Daily, the Korean Embassy in Korea, the Korean Cultural Center in Korea and LG Electronics UK. Eleven people, including Seunghee Kang, YuJin Kang, Chulwon Kwak, Kira Kim, Hyungkwan Kim, SangJun No, Sen Chung, Seahyun Lee, JunHyung Lee, Francesca Cho, Jiseock Han will display their works at the exhibition.

Planner Kim Eun Young, CEO of Cello Art & Consulting, introduces this exhibition as "Planning to promote the internationalization of Korean art while announcing the works of Korean artists to the London market".

The theme of the exhibition, 'Steel Dynamic', is a title that expresses the Oriental term 'Jung Jun-dong', which is a synonym of conflicting concepts, in English. There seems to be no movement at first in a heterogeneous society.

She is planning to promote the power of Korean artists in the UK and European art world. Planner Kim said she would organize this type of planning exhibition regularly every year.

Gana Art Center, Kwanhoon gallery, Barun Law, Seoul National University Hosrital, Seoul Archery Association, Michigan Venture Capital, Woori Investment Bank, The national Assembly building, Dongwha Duty Free Shop etc.

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