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[Single List] “Daegu Art Fair 2018” dongjun Kwak, Seonghi Bahk, Seunghun Shin ...

The Daegu Art Fair, famous as a gathering place for the distribution of art in the Daegu area, will celebrate 11th in 2018. This year, the exhibition hall and 111 galleries, which were larger than last year, participated in the event, and it became an international art fair.


In this fair, emerging artists such as Dongjung Kwak, Seongi Bahk and Seunghun Shin, who are expected to harmonize mid-career artists and young and emerging artists, will install, sculpture, and display paintings. I will provide a. Cell Art will introduce 25 works by three young authors, Dongjung Kwak, Seongi Bahk and Seunghun Shin at this art fair.


Dongjung Kwak artist has released a work that is made of a material called glass made of clouds and water drops. The natural shape highlighted the abstraction using the polishing technique of a glass surface polishing machine. In this work, the color that comes up from the floor adjusts the overall color of the glass work to improve the completeness, and the visitors have forgotten that the material is glass and the color and meaning of the work I can enjoy it.


Seunghun Shin shows the extensibility in the field of painting if he is able to show the extensibility of his works. Seunghun Shin writer separates the conversation through the square shape created through several dozen layers of brush painting and the color that pierces through the surface. Expressed in the way.


His works are held at the Art Center in Ghana, Kangen Gallery, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul City Archery Association, Venture Capital in Michigan, Parliament House, Towa Duty Free Shop, etc. Through records, he proved to be an influential young writer with few collectors. In addition, Seunghun Shin authored a work that explained the aesthetics of the relationship through a more discreet line, prescribing a square shape as one philosophy, object, current situation, etc. on the canvas of the size deformed at this art fair It will be shown.


Lastly, the installation work by Seongi Bahk writers is an extension of the work seen in public places so far, made from charcoal. At this art fair, he will showcase his transparent crystal beads. This work shows the enjoyment and illusion of recreating the space where other works of the message that the appearance gives the message are conspicuous with the reflection of light. Seongi Bahk's works are installed in many public places such as the Shilla Hotel and Marriott Hotel.

On the other hand, Daegu Art Fair will be held in the first and second halls of Sangyokdong Exco, Kita-ku, Daegu, by the 25th, starting with VIP view on the 21st.


Lara Im editor

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