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Art World: World Topic

- Two Korean Contemporary Art Exhibitions in London

Two Korean Contemporary Art Exhibitions in London

Writing and Picture: British correspondent


Another exhibition was an exhibition of young Korean artists who were staying in London and exhibited at the non-profit foundation Jerwood Space in December. The exhibition, titled "Still dynamics: The Korean contemporary art show," was made by Eunyoung Kim, an independent planner, and LG Electronics as a major sponsor.

Above all, this exhibition is noteworthy in that it has shown large-scale works of Korean artists who have just started entering the London art world. The 11 artists including Chulwon Kwak, Seahyun Lee, Kira Kim, SangJun No, JunHyung Lee are all young artists who have just graduated from London's major art colleges and graduate schools or are still studying to date. Of course, there are some artists who have been invited several times in Korea before the solo exhibition and major group like Kira Kim and Seahyun Lee, and have actively participated in the work, but here they are all just new graduates of graduate school. Most of these writers say that their experience in London has helped to absorb and understand international trends naturally and that they are trying to create a unique art language and formative world as a Korean artist who is different from them. Some artists have succeeded in attracting attention and interest from the local art world to some extent.

Seahyun Lee, who had been a major topic of conversation as he sold all of his paintings before his graduation from Chelsea art graduate school in 2006, told me a few days ago that he was not able to do it when he first came to study in London three years ago “I was not sure whether I should enter the European art world, but since I graduated, I now have a love call in New York Art Gallery as well as in Europe. I have gained my confidence as a writer and now I know a little bit about what to do and how to become a successful artist." He said. In addition to Seahyun Lee, Kira Kim and Chulwon Kwak are already actively involved in solo exhibitions, major group exhibitions and international art fairs from other major art institutions in the UK.

There are always a number of medium-sized writers who are invited to participate in Korean contemporary art exhibitions held overseas. It is not the repetition of fame, but the new face that challenges with such a potential possibility continues to be excavated, and various exhibition opportunities and sponsors are desperately needed for their works to be properly introduced and communicated.

Writer, Josephina E. Lee, graduated from the Sotheby's Institute in London with a master's degree in contemporary art (art theory and arts management) and is currently enrolled in doctoral studies at the same graduate school and writes doctoral dissertations on the art market and management. She has lectured at Chung-Ang University and Sungshin Women's University. Her major books include "Traveling to Europe's Contemporary Art Museum in the 21st Century" and "The World's Contemporary Art Museum-scheduled for publication in 2007".


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