Expanding Views

The artist, Byungjae Oh, has developed a variety of themes, especially from the point of view of the gaze in the beginning of the work. Initially, the artist has expressed the general things we usually see in everyday life by combining the gazes of the artist and others. This is inverse perspective. The artist distorts the conventional way of looking and expresses various unfamiliar and abnormal viewpoints on the screen. These various point-of-view allows us to look at a single object from various perspectives, thereby leading us into the nature of objects. In the exhibition, the artist expressed the buildings that had been developed in the 1980s in the era of development in Korea by building up the blocks of Lego. The urban architecture he reproduces is not a coherent urban landscape only focusing on efficiency when we usually look at buildings. The diverse view-point presents the dynamics of the work. His main feature is that he did not finish his work on one campus. Each of the small sized canvases is a unit, so two or twelve smaller canvases are stacked up like a block to complete his work. His work is similar to the creation and expansion of organisms, which grow and change over time. The artist continually changes the unit of the displayed work during the exhibition and displays it to maximize this effect and display a spectacle city landscape.


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