Life and love disappear and go away

The painting of Jiyoon Hong is poem. Colorful flowers bloom in her brush. Between the beautiful birds riding on the tip of her brush, she walks among the flowers. One wants to be able to play well on this board, but the empty place makes letters. And the writings that are flowing there are the diaries and poems of the artist who are read so honestly. There is no order in the diaries, poems, and drawings of the artist. A diary that records the days is just a poem, and the poem becomes a picture. It is said that it is the case that the picture is changed to the poetry and the diary upside down. It is rather like a work of art, such as labor, which is filled with every effort to live between the letters and the screen, just as the life and love are written in such a way.


The writer moves away from life and love. She does not follow traditional methods. She continues to use it because she is most familiar with the method. The artist writes poetry and paints on rice paper with ink and brush. Therefore, her work is literary painting according to old literature. Traditional methods are exhibited through media and light box work. Therefore, this work is Fusion oriental painting. However, this work is not so simple. The artist is a true artist of this age because she writes poetry and paints. So I hope that the artist will be called a post oriental painter. Her work looks like an allegory of Chang-tzu (an ancient Chinese philosopher). The play that Chang-tzu means the liberation of the spirit which is obtained from the natural mind. For this reason, play is voluntary and enjoyable. It is for this same reason that I said “playing” when I look at her paintings. In this regard, she may be crossing over life and love.


■ GIMCHOE EUN YEONG (The gallery Director)