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Kira Kim

Find the original shape of lost myths and images – cooperative work: climb up all the mountains

  when we look at the many stars in the dark night sky during childhood, we had the experience of feeling the surprise but also the fear of unknown cause. The fear of the universe, whose depth is unknown, makes us think of existence. The idea leads us to the identity of being smaller than dust—we occupy a spot like a myriad of stars in the night sky, and then disappear into the darkness over time. As M. Eliade said in ‘the meaning of religion’, the idea leads individuals to religious thinking and attitude.


Kira Kim, the artist, creates works that have diverse view-point of human, social, economic, and cultural history. This work expresses the journey toward social, economic, and cultural history.


■ KwanYong Cho (Art Critic)

Kira Kim


2007 Goldsmiths, University of London: Fine Art MFA

2006 Goldsmiths, University of London: Language&contemporary theory MFA
2003 Kyungwon University of Environmental Sculpture MFA
1993 Daechon High School graduation


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 A rpublic of The proaganda, Frgge von Rosen gllery
2008 Super-Mega-Factory, Kukje Gallery, Seoul

2008 A republic of The propaganda, Galleryloop, Seoul
2008 Gold Crystal, Chang-dong studio, Seoul
2008 Gold Crystal, Chang-dong studio, Seoul


Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 New & Now : 2012, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2011 Conversation geukssasil : throw a mist before a person's eyes, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2010 New Organ, Coreana museum space c, Seoul

2009 Open doors_ Don't panic, NY Korea culture Center, Newyork
2009 Doors Open, Wile and Kim gallery, Newyork

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