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Seonghi Bahk

The installation work of the Baxteri writer is an extension of the works I have seen so far in public places that use charcoal as a raw material. He presents works made of transparent crystal beads. His work shows the fun and illusion of recreating the space where the reflections of light stand out and the work other than the message that the appearance gives. The works of Baxongi writers are installed in many public places such as Shilla Hotel and Marriott Hotel.

Seonghi Bahk



2002 MA in Accademia di belle arti di Brera

1994 BA in Chung-ang University

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 Walk in the Light, Moa museum, Gonjiam

2012 A Slice of Sensitivity, artside, Seoul

2009 Bundo gallery, Deagu

2009 Seonghi Bahk Solo Exhibition, gallery IN, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 Irony and Illusion, interalia, Seoul

2013 In-Sein, gallery BK

2011 Basel Scope 11, Gallery KRAMPF, Basel Switzerland

2011 studio part1, FNart space, Seoul

2011 Art stage Singapore, Marina bay sands exhibition center, Singapore



Hotel shilla, TROIKA Founder & Chief Executive Officer D.P(CEO), Kerry Center, Dehres Limited, etc.

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