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Soojong Jang

My role as an artist is to experiment with society through the cryptanalysis of an alienated city and to illuminate the aspects of the information industry that alienate human senses in a city that is a physical media space, and to identify the nature of the experiences carried my media society. In fact, in network of crowed social relations such as the web in modern society, our perception is breaking into too much information. In addition, our mind is divided by the nature of the media which confuses our view with stimulating images. The promise of a bright future for which society has promised us makes us a slave for something we never achieve, thereby destroying ourselves. I have done my best to accomplish something. And when I thought I had accomplished something, the rules of the world changed too much. What is the correct answer to this world if the world defines what I have accomplished as a fault? I ask myself. The miserable reality and my incompetence cause the urge to return the time of all desires to the original. VOID is a symbolic indicator of the desire to start all over again through the repeated confrontation of unconsciousness and consciousness. In the meantime, I have symbolized this indicator as a way to communicate with society by communicating with it, allowing it to induce social interaction, spreading it into the urban space, and escaping from everyday life. I was wondering whether the desire could transform the condensed urban space into a space where social reproduction is possible, and this foundation means nothing. In addition, it is an ideological place where the duality of the VOID implied by the existence of empty and invalid, and the nonexistent meaning is signaled through a series of opposition and repetition with replacements. And the society can dispel all the obligations imposed on us, and as a message reflecting the immediate and immediate modern society. And through the exhibition, the framework intervenes a real society and everyday space, and resists the existing media, which allows us to escape from our own excessive obsession to give too much meaning to meaningless elements. We want to be able to form a chain of self - production and reflexive criteria and serve as a meta - media for self - interest as a code that can awaken our perception of all kinds of media confusion.

■ Soojong Jang

Soojong Jang



2005 Graduation. B.A. Fine Art. Surrey Institute of Art & Design (University of Creative Arts) Farnham. Surrey. U.K.

2007 Attended. M.A. Center for urban Community Research. Goldsmith College. University of London. London.U.K. 

2014 Completion. M.A. School of Media Communication. Yonsei University. Seoul Korea.  

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 Void Gallery. Corner Gallery. Seoul. Korea. 

2012 Void. Selo Art Space. Seoul. Korea. 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 Heritage 600. Goyang Aramnuri Museum. Goyang. Gyunggi. Korea. 

2014 Heterotopia. Viudang. seoul. Korea. 

2015 Non Plances. Gallery Toast. Seoul. Korea. 

2017 Meta Space. Union Art Fair. 

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